These 3 Questions Should Always Be Top Of Mind

Window Cleaning TXWindow cleaning and gutter cleaning are two services which most people don't think about until it's an absolute must. After all, there are plenty of concerns and responsibilities homeowners have on a daily basis, so taking the mental energy to ask "Is it time for me to get my windows cleaned?" may not feel necessary until it's almost impossible to see out of them!

Although you may be tempted to simply hire the first window cleaners in Dallas or Fort Worth who pop up on the internet, there are a few questions you should always ask when you're finding the right professionals.

Question #1: Do You Have Insurance?

If a window cleaning business is crawling all over your house in order to clean your windows, it's incredibly important for them to carry insurance? Unfortunately, many window cleaning businesses don't take the time to buy insurance or even a compensation policy for their workers. What does this mean for you? If they get injured on the job, it could be your responsibility!

Question #2: What Time Will You Arrive?

If you are busy as every other working adult today, you'll understand why it is so important for you to ask this question. If your window cleaning team says "Oh, we'll be there sometime today", you should look for a different cleaning business in North Texas! Not only does this mean that you have to block off your entire day to make sure you're there when the cleaning start, but it also means that the window or gutter cleaners you have hired simply aren't taking their job seriously. If they don't respect their own business, how can you expect them to respect you?

Question #3: Will My Windows Stay Clean?

If your window cleaning service tries to convince you that your windows will stay clean regardless of what happens weather-wise, they aren't being genuine. Rain is one of the fastest ways to take clean windows and make them dirty again. So how do we convince our customers to get their windows cleaned, then? It's easy - we offer a 14-day rain guarantee. If a rain storm makes your windows dirty within 14 days of your window cleaning, we will come back and clean them again for free!

You can learn ore about our professional window cleaning for homes and businesses here.

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