Exploring The Hidden "Perks" of Professional Gutter Installation

Professional Gutter InstallationWe are in the business of professional gutter cleaning and installation. When it comes to gutters, we have pretty much "been there, done that". One of the biggest surprises in our job is how often we work with homeowners who simply haven't been told all of the amazing benefits that gutter protection can provide! It's common to think of gutter guards as just a tool for keeping leaves and debris out of gutter system, but they actually offer so many more hidden perks! We've decided to outline a few of these "hidden surprises" below!

Professional Gutter Guards Can Help Protect Against Critters

Sure, leaves and other debris are definitely "must-avoid" items when it comes to your gutters, but did you also know that mice and other rodents use your gutters as their home base? If you've ever heard a scratching sound or other commotion in your gutters, you can rest assured that something is living in there!

If you have rodents living in your gutters, there is a very good chance that they are A.) making your gutters even dirtier B.) causing other forms of damage to your roof and gutter system. In Dallas, Fort Worth and other communities in North Texas, mice are one of the most prevalent rodents that find their way into gutter systems. For reference, here is a great guide to some of the most common rodents in Frisco, TX. And, the sitting and stagnant water in your gutters act as the perfect breeding ground for a variety of unwanted pests.

Gutter Cleaning and Gutter Protection Can Help Prevent Fires

If your gutters are filled with debris such as twigs, leaves and grass, you have greatly increased the risk of fire damage to your property! If glowing embers from a brush fire, nearby house fire, fireworks, etc., find their way into your gutters, this could easily result in serious fire. Fortunately, gutter protection such as ProGuard Gutter Protection can provide an unbeatable defense against accumulation inside of your gutters.

Professional Gutter Protection Can Fight Rust and Corrosion

Rust is a "silent killer" that can profoundly damage the integrity of your gutter system. Debris left inside of your gutters can collect and retain moisture, dramatically increasing the likelihood that they will rust. If rust does begin to buildup, you may find yourself with irreparable gutter damage.

Don't wait for something catastrophic like this to happen! Whether you are a home-owner or business owner, we can help! Contact us at 469.772.9184 for a FREE quote on gutter cleaning and gutter installation!

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